Friday, September 5, 2008

Now that we've heard from both sides...


Every Presidential election year, the same talking-head complaint about low voter turn out crops up and how apathy is gripping our nation when it comes to politics. Hmmm. I can't imagine why now nearly two generations of the youngest voters are so uninterested when the subject of politics and elections are raised. Why wouldn't the very fiber that is destined to become the continuation of the greatest concept in the history of governments be ready to pick up the banner and march proudly forward championing the cause of Democracy? How is it a vast majority of Millennials (aka Generation Y) and even some Generation Xers have become so self-absorbed that causes for higher purpose (i.e. freedom, faith and sanctity of human life) have become lesser important talking points than the release of the latest version IPhone or whose baby will be cuter Brad and Angelia's or Tom and Katie's?

What happened to 'Of the people, for the people, by the people' and 'There is no greater sacrifice...'? Why do we tolerate the derogation of honorable men and women aspiring to become leaders of the greatest nation in the history of nations? How did we digress to meaningless, inconsequential finger pointing, name calling and flat out lying about the 'other party' to a debilitating result of ineptitude or incompetence that has left our government in an impassable (yes, impassable) quagmire?

That is a lot of guilt! But, come on, eventually one of two people will become our 44th President, and the two people backing them up will be a last breath away from 45th. Shouldn't there be some dignity associated with such a noble post regardless of party affiliation? Something has happened in our country that has turned the significant and completely relevant task of electing our leader, the arguably most important position (elected or otherwise) on the planet, into a distasteful travesty resembling Roman gladiator games, or still worse, a train wreck.

Here is my challenge, my prayer, to/for Christians. Rise above. Stop the madness. I'm so personally sickened by talk radio, websites and circulating emails that distort the truth to an unrecognizable point of smut and slander. Before Republicans start screaming, 'What about the liberal media?', I'm including them too. How does the liberal media exist? Never forget that the media is a business. One dependant on consumers, with a bottom line. So who do we blame for my initial examples at the top of the page? We are they! (Ouch. He gave an example from both sides didn't he? That means I'm one of them...doesn't it?). If you're having that self-imposed observation...GOOD FOR YOU! Stop the insanity! Don't forward that atrocious email about Obama being the antichrist or McMain be a closet baby killer. Look at the facts. Stick to the facts.

Let's get back to voting for a man or woman based on their politics and the issues...a platform. Who has a better plan (4 letter word) for our health care debacle? Pick a side. Who has a realistic vision of our continued role in the Middle East? Pick a side. What about securing our borders? If that's important to you, pick a side. In my experience, there is no 'One Size Fits All.' At any given time, great ideas originate in both parties. But, the polarized state of the union has resulted in a strategic deadlock that is paralyzing progress on the simplest of issues (read High Gas Prices here) making us the jesters of the world court.

If we can eliminate the Jerry Springer-like quality our political election process has become, get back to focusing on issue-based platforms of meaningful dialogue, and bring a sense of supported dignity back to the Oval Office (even when your candidate doesn't win), our country may see a renewed vigor of interest in the action that effects each of us the most outside our spiritual lives...electing and holding accountable our leaders.

I seriously doubt the Greatest Generation envisioned the America we've become when they suffered through 3 wars (2 World Wars) and the Great Depression. Think about that the next time you're about to forward that obviously fake, nude picture of Palin (wink, wink - you know who you are).
God Bless and Forgive Us All

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AtlantaMama said...

Yea the media biais is strong... the Us cover is aweful. The Emmy awards, The View, and other issues w/ NBC's coverage overall just make me upset. But I guess the media can unite the party even more. (I'm FOX NEWS adict)